Guildhall has undertaken a number of joint venture activities as a means of making the most of two kinds of opportunity.

Complementary Business Opportunities
On occasion we have been introduced to other organisations where there are complementary opportunities that can be maximised by some form of joint venture arrangement.  An example might be a situation where Guildhall has certain technical expertise that can be delivered via a workshop format to a particular geographic or industry sector in which Guildhall has no natural distribution channel, but where another organisation has an established presence.  We have undertaken such arrangements on several bases ranging from a one-off project to an incorporated joint venture company.

Entrepreneurial Venturing
A further extension of the joint venture approach combined with the equity fee method is a joint venture to capitalise on a new business idea.  In this situation Guildhall (possibly in conjunction with one or more associates) will provide business expertise, management and marketing resources in return for a stake in a vehicle owned jointly with the proprietors of the intellectual property. Typically this vehicle will have exclusive sales rights for the property in at least one, and usually several, defined market sector(s).

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