Guildhall operates across both industry sectors and functional disciplines.  Clients range from micro start-ups through to established global operators.

One of the main drivers of this approach is the sensitivity of many of our assignments. In particular, we will undertake work for competing clients in the same sector only with their express consent.

Clients benefit from this cross-industry exposure which equips us with many of the tools required for effective benchmarking and drawing knowledge and processes from other sectors to gain competitive advantage.  Reputation and word-of-mouth are conducive to attracting assignments from multiple non-competing firms within a broad sector. 

As a result we are able - if only for presentational purposes - to group much of our advisory work into four such sectors:

• Financial Services
• Information Technology
• Professions & Networks
• Capital Asset Sectors

Further information can be accessed by clicking on one of the images to the left.  Even if your own sector does not feature we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements alongside our record for adding value on first assignments in a particular industry.

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