Projects represent a significant means of delivery for the majority of advisers and consultants, and at Guildhall we are no exception. Typically the exact format is tailored to the requirements of the project terms of reference.  In the majority of instances the bulk of the work will take place at the site of the client, with the balance spent off-site at our offices working on drafting and research, or in meetings with other stakeholders.

Project Length
The length of the projects on which Guildhall has worked varies greatly.  Many clients have benefited from as little as a single day spent on-site in meetings with their personnel followed by a written report with research input.  Our experience is that a short engagement of this nature can be a more cost effective use of client and Guildhall resources than a more formal tendering process based on a written proposal.  For longer assignments our preference - again for reason of effective time usage - is a short initial engagement to perform a current state assessment followed by collaborative drafting of the terms of reference for the main engagement.

Project Management
Project reporting requirements will depend on the nature of the project and internal client policy.  Our marginal preference is for the preparation of project plans and progress monitoring to be resourced by the client in order that Guildhall personnel can focus on content, but we can resource this if required.

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