The use of a neutral mediator is a well-established means of resolving commercial disputes.  In this role the mediator spends time together and independently with each of the parties and attempts to help them design and negotiate the terms of a settlement as an alternative to an (often expensive) Court hearing.  The terms of mediated settlements are often more flexible than could be awarded by a Court.  This is one of the reasons for the undoubted success of mediation as a means of dispute resolution.  Mediation is a service provided by Guildhall as detailed in the Dispute Resolution section of the site.

Commercial Negotiations
We live in an age of partnerships, outsourcing and joint-ventures, commercial arrangements that usually are intended to last for many years.  However, two or more parties seeking the best terms ahead of such an arrangement can lead to delays and may raise other issues that could impact on the future partnership.  The use of a mediator to act as a neutral negotiator in such circumstances can provide long-term benefits.  Guildhall offers this this service as an extension of its mediation practice.

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