The site is organised as a hierarchy across three levels.  The top level consists of the Home page and Site Map.

The main tools for navigating around the site are the navigation menus found to the left of the content on each page.  The table of services on the left is also a quick link through to the 'Our Portfolio' section of the site.

The Site Map can also be used.  This can be reached by clicking the second image on the top row of images to the left of the main window (the one with all of the rolled-up site plans).

The top navigation menu, consisting of nine square photographic images, will be found on every page.

The next level consists of the seven self-contained Modules that correspond to the other seven images on the upper menu.  The second level web pages are reached by moving the mouse cursor over one of the images on the top menu.  As the mouse moves over an image the Guildhall logo is replaced by the label for the page (and Module) that is linked to that image.

To select the page, click on the image that reveals the name of the Module you are seeking.  As an example, move the cursor over the pad with a pen on top.  The hue goes from blue to full colour revealing a yellow legal pad, and the logo is replaced by the words 'Legal Notices'.  Click on this to move to the Legal Notices Module of the site.

When the third level page appears you will see another navigation menu beneath the top one seen on the Home page.  There is a specific menu for each of the seven images.  When you get to this level the heading at the top of the content will correspond to the label on the image you clicked.  So you should now see 'Legal Notices' at the top of the content inside the double grey border.  The image for the module selected also remains in full colour rather than the blue hue.

This lower menu works on the same principle as the higher one, and links to the pages in this Module of the site.  For example, if you move the cursor over the man with the moustache, the image will change from a blue hue to full colour and the words 'Terms of Use' appear above the lower menu.  Click on this to select the Terms of Use page.

When you move to this next level both of the main navigation menus stay with you.  The title of the page is the label you selected - in the example, 'Terms of Use' - and the label 'Legal Notices' has appeared over the lower menu as a reminder of the Module you are in.  The image for the page selected - in the example, the man with the moustache - remains in full colour while you are on that page.

If you move the cursor over an image on the  lower menu this Module label will be replaced by the label for another page within that same Module that is linked to the image.  You can move around the Module in this way.

Alternatively, if you have finished with the Module you can jump straight to another Module by using the upper navigation menu.

Another way to move around the site is to use the Site Map.  The Site Map groups all of the pages by Modules and provides a link to each of the pages.

Please also note that some Modules contain links to items of News, Biographies or Assignment Profiles that will open into a second self-contained window similar to this one.  Links to these pages are not been included on the site map.

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